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Questions and Answers

How to extend the use time of uupalee apparel?

Reasonable use of the three temperature adjustment, it is recommended that the battery is fully charged before each use (charging time 5-6 hours). If you need extra batteries, please search for ( uupalee battery ) or ( B0948JJ1RT ) on Amazon.

How is the warmth effect?

uupalee upgraded heating zones can heat up quickly, faceted heating (the market uses wire) 8 heating areas cover the important parts of the body. With the special material of the garment, it can maintain sustainable heat for a long time.

Can I take him on the plane?

uupalee series products are allowed on the plane

Can I purchase just the vest or the batteries?

Of course you can, we have the option to purchase the vest and battery separately, so if you have your own rechargeable battery, you can purchase just the vest.